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Clumbsy Theatre is an emerging company based inside the internet connection between North Carolina and New York City. Inspired by processes of collective making, Clumbsy develops work that explores the idea of radical adaptation, teetering on the edge of when a remix no longer becomes a remix but becomes its own, new, fresh, thing.  Founding company members include Emma Lea Hasselbach, Ana Radulescu, Markese McLamb, and Ickye “Sean” Delgado-Cruz.

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Upcoming Projects

Maid Made Madame Image.jpg

Maid Made Madame
Coming to Cannonball Festival Fall 2024

Clumbsy Theatre presents a radical adaptation of this French classic in the American style. 

Two maids and their Madame. An eccentric gay writer gives an interview. Gloves for the fashion and the crime. A corded phone on the floor. A fat blunt flicking ash onto your boss’s picture. A rehearsal to eat the rich and burn it down crossdressed to the nines. Gaming a plan or planing a game. Jean Genet’s maids smeared across the stage beyond recognition. Let’s drink tea. 

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