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As You Like it

Directed by Sanaz Ghajar
Sound Design by Emma Hasselbach
Costume Design by Miriam Waldenspuhl
Featuring NYU Grad Acting Class of 2020

Presented March 2020 

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Act 1 A Court Dance / Fight

Pre-Pandemic rehearsal sample of a court dance / fight. Music sampled from Le Goudron by YACHT.

As you like it: Video

Act 2 Sc. 5 "Under the Greenwood Tree"

Pre-Pandemic rehearsal sample of "Greenwood Tree". Music composed, devised, and arranged by Emma Lea Hasselbach and the cast of As You Like It.

As you like it: Video

Act 2 Sc. 6 "Dear Master, I can go no further."

Pre-Pandemic rehearsal sample of Adam and Orlando traveling. Music/sound sampled from Nicolás Jaar.

As you like it: Video
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