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devised, directed, & performed by Emma Lea Hasselbach

a solo devised theatrical lecture about interpellation, sexism, and the classroom

inspired by the murder of French philosopher Louis Althusser's wife, the writing of Talia Mae Bettcher, and the music of Le Tigre

"See I just interpellated you. I put you in a subject position through the practice of hailing you. I’m being interpellated right now as the performer, you as the audience. School does this brilliantly, the practice of raising your hand. Who gets to speak when. Teacher is listened to. The crazy person outside the window, not so much. So school-me: I figured it out, I’m just not listened to because of my subject position. Wow that easy… I’m just a woman and student and…

Wait Althessure you silly man thank you for these great ideas. Oh you didn’t know. He strangled his wife. Because of course he did."

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